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Fate Ball (Paperback)

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Able Curran had no idea that a chance meeting at a local fraternity party would change his life . . . but it did. Meeting Ava Gardner Dubose was the best thing to ever happen in his young life . . . and the worst. He discovered a depth of love that he never knew existed. And, a love that would forever tie him to Ava even through her darkest days of alcohol and drug addiction.

Fate Ball is a story about a first love that lived on long after the relationship ended. A love that would forever link the lives of Able and Ava, whether they lived thousands of miles away from each other or just
across town. Fate Ball bounced into Able's life in the form of a beautiful blonde with a wild side. What began as the perfect young man fantasy turned into a quest to save a first love from herself and the demons that ruled her from within

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692475348
ISBN-10: 0692475346
Publisher: Adam W. Jones
Publication Date: January 4th, 2016
Pages: 298
Language: English

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Poor Richard's Books hosted authors Susan Reigler and Michael Veach during Bourbonanza.

Bourbon authority, Veach, explains in Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage, how bourbon went from "low-brow to top shelf."

Reigler, Executive Bourbon Steward and President of The Bourbon Women Association, has created Kentucky Bourbon Country: The Essential Travel Guide.  She has also authored several "Bourbon Cocktail" recipe books.

We will have those books and others written by Susan and Michael (including a few signed copies!), as well as a rich selection of books on bourbon tasting, bourbon history and cooking with bourbon. See our selection of bourbon-related books under "From our Store" on the left side of this page.